Within nursery, one of our key aims is for all children to succeed and we support children and families to make this happen. We have links with a wide range of outside agencies who can provide support and a team of very experienced educators as well as 1:1 support staff who can work with individual children or within a group. Our last Ofsted report says;

“From their different starting points, all groups of children make outstanding progress in their learning.” Ofsted Report 2018.

Our staff have recently travelled to Iceland on a study tour to look at inclusive learning and how to support children within mainstream schools. In 2018-19 we will be working with an Icelandic school on a project focusing on inclusive schools and best practice.

If you require any further information, please speak to the office or to our SENCO Helen Torr.


Access to Madeley Nursery School

 Madeley Nursery is a one storey building situated in a quiet cul-de-sac. A car park is situated to the front and side of the building with additional roadside parking available adjacent to the main entrance. Care should be taken to avoid partial parking on pavement obstructing access and not using the car park in the private road of Bridle Court. There is one main entrance leading into a reception foyer. The disabled toilet is situated in the foyer area and a key can be requested from the office. The main nursery is an open plan area with double doors leading onto a secure outdoor environment. Ramps lead out from the main nursery building to ensure easy access for wheelchairs users.