On this page you can find information about our projects. As a researching school, we have projects within nursery which we work on with the children as part of our enquiry-based curriculum. We also work on our Erasmus+ projects with other schools in the UK and across Europe. Get in touch if you would like to know more about a particular project.


Making the parts whole

This three year project involves schools in the UK, Romania, Spain and Sweden as we work together to research transdisciplinary learning. We are aiming to find out about how to create contexts for this type of learning, the benefits for children and educators and what type of “assessment” might be commensurate with the values of this approach.


Our enquiry based projects

We believe that long term projects constructed between the children and adults in the setting allow the best possible opportunity for children to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, build empathetic relationships and consider themselves to be life long learners. To see children’s enquiry based projects from previous years please see the “Learning and Teaching” page on our website. You can find out about current projects on our Facebook page and from the documentation within nursery.


We Think Everywhere

This two year project between settings in Sweden and the UK researched how digital technology could be used in pre-school settings as a tool to make children’s ideas and theories visible. We investigated how technology in many different forms could be seen as a “digital language” to offer possibilities for co-construction of learning. You can read more about the project by visiting the We Think Everywhere website or have a look at the e-book.


Study tours

Our school and staff have been influenced over many years by study tours to Italy (Reggio Emilia), Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. These visits continue to keep our minds open to ideas well beyond the current UK educational context and influence our understanding of young children and the role of the educator. We have been privileged to meet many passionate educators from across the world. You can read moreĀ here.


Inclusion project with Iceland

We are working with schools near Reykjavik on a job-shadowing project where we can share expertise on supporting children with additional needs in an enquiry based setting. This project involves educators working alongside one another to share and evolve practice.


Visitors and Exchanges

We have welcomed many visitors from around the world to our school. In 2015 the International Bateson Institute chose us as an example of exemplary practice in the field of education and brought 10 researchers from a multitude of different fields. Recently we have hosted academics and professors from Tokyo University, Belgium and Spain as well as local authority advisors, head teachers, teachers, students and researchers. We are a friendly, open setting and welcome the multiple perspectives that visitors bring.


Workshops and Conferences

Our headteacher Louise Lowings has presented at Sightlines conferences in London, shared our work with the Institute of Education in Stockholm, with academics at Tokyo University and in China for the East Asia Regional Council of Schools. Our Deputy Head Helen Torr has run workshops for Early Years practitioners and is a specialist Montessori teacher as well as being an SLE for the local authority. We also run network days at nursery for practitioners who are interested in our practice. We are flexible and can arrange bespoke training dependent on the needs of your practitioners and setting.



We work within the UK reference point for Reggio-inspired practice, Sightlines UK. We contribute to publications and conferences hosted by Sightlines. Our nursery welcomes visitors on Sightlines study tours who come to work with us.


Research into figure drawing

Our Studio provides an ideal place to be an active researcher into children’s drawings. We are particularly interested in how the skills for drawing are linked to writing, storytelling and building friendships. We often observe how children’s skills develop by working with another child and co-constructing meaning together. Last year Amaia from Pamplona worked with us for 9 months and produced this piece of research into children’s drawings.