Learning and teaching at Madeley Nursery School is based on deeply held principles. These are explored, questioned, tested and our understanding developed on an ongoing basis.

A place of citizenship – being part of a strong community

Our school is an integral part of the community. It is a place where every child, family and educator has both a right and responsibility to contribute to and support their community.

The researching school

Working together to question and improve Our school is a place where children, families and educators work together to improve the quality of learning and teaching experiences, therefore promoting high aspirations, levels of well-being, and achievement for all.

A belief in the competent child

Every child has an innate ability to learn from birth, We believe that every child has an incredible capacity to learn and develop through engagement with others and with the world.

Partnership between children, families and school – learning in partnership

We consider that a genuine, respectful and active partnership between children, their families and the school are central to successful learning.